As a product based business one of your priorities is to promote and sell your items. There are many different ways that this can be achieved and the methods that you choose will depend on the time and budget that you have available. You should also ensure that you have undertaken some market research to understand who your ideal customers are. It is important that you use salesmethods that will appeal to your audience. There is no point setting up a facebook page if your target market isn’t on that social media channel.

Here are some of the options that you have available to you.

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Setting up your own Ecommerce website is not as complicated as you might first think, especially if you use a professional Ecommerce Web Design Dublin company like They will be able to talk you through all the key elements that you need to have on your site as well as being able to look at ways in which to promote your site. This could include SEO and also pay per click advertising such as Google Ads.

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Shopping platforms

There are a number of shopping platforms that you might want to look at such as Etsy and Not On The Highstreet. These are designed to help home crafters and those who make their own products to promote and sell them on a larger scale. They receive a lot of traffic from people who are looking for unique gifts for their friends and family. The biggest shopping platform is Amazon. It is possible to set yourself up on Amazon as a seller. It is important to note that all the shopping platforms will require you to pay a fee. Some of these will have seller placement fees as well as transaction fees, so make sure to pick the platforms that will work best for you.

Social Media

Socialmedia is a great way to promote your product and your business. Not only can you do this through organic posts but you can link your products to a facebook or instagram shop and you can also use paid adverts to bring more customers to your website. In some cases you are also able to use influencers to help promote your items.

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