Finally it arrived on December 16 and, as planned, Honor has removed the veil that covered his new creation, although finally it was not what we expected, or what we thought would be based on rumors and leaks. We do not have mobile unframed to the “Mi Mix” but an evolution of screens Honor now jump to AMOLED and curve.

We persona in Shenzhen to meet the new Honor Magic firsthand, and although at the moment it seems that will not leave China, has brought under his arm pretty interesting things and not just in design. The Honor Magic has arrived with Magic Live. Chinese manufacturer already has its own Google Now and sewn to his new creature. But let’s go first what we found the Honor Magic in this contact and first impressions.

Honor Magic
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Curved screen, but we still have frames

Something that was expected of this Honor Magic is that it imitated the style that has already become avant-garde, that of the Xiaomi Mi Mix that we saw many weeks ago. However, finally Honor has opted for an aesthetic halfway between Edge Samsung screens and own Mi Mix, because its screen is curved on the sides and glass on all four sides, but dispenses with no frame over the usual.

Thus, Honor has built an S7 Edge even more aesthetic that feels great in hand, both by weight and by materials and finishes, but still suffers the same problem as all coated glass mobile: is a panatellas and not along with reflections . Something that plays in favor of the Magic is that it has bet by a variant in black color that yes it is something clean that the others and that also feels great to its curves. The step forward in Honor design with its new Magic is patent.

The curved screen of this Honor Magic is AMOLED and only folds on the sides, dying on the top and bottom in the phone frames that are hidden under the glass, so the feeling of continuity to the frame itself, present and Metallic, is very good. The finishes of the Magic are more than achieved and one of its few flaws we find in the interior: the processor.

The Kirin 950 places the Honor Magic at the height of Honor 8 in performance, and away from the high range

Honor has opted for the Kirin 950, the processor with which closed Huawei 2015 and carrying the Huawei Mate 8 but already had relay months later with the arrival of Huawei Kirin P9 and 955. Even now, a year later, The Kirin 960 is in circulation and yet Honor has chosen a chip with a year of antiquity, despite the qualitative jump that has been the latest model

Perhaps this choice to leave something off the hook in terms Honor Magic graphics power and energy management, although the latter have solved with the Super Charge Huawei load that allows us to return a 70% energy the Magic in just 20 minutes. Pretty good figures for a short recharge and return to use.

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Double cameras also for selfies

Another of the great novelties of this Honor Magic is that it has continued with the trend of double cameras already inaugurated Huawei, with the exception of now also has taken the double camera to the front and has accompanied with an LED flash. So we will have specific monochrome sensor in the rear and in the front we can play with a wide angle sensor to improve selfies and, why not, we serve as tracker faces. For what? To unlock the phone when we are looking at it, although that is on the software side.

In this Honor Magic, the fingerprint sensor passes to the front and placed on the Home button at the bottom, you have to press to work, but not to recognize our finger when it is on. This change makes the back of the Magic completely clean and that is something we like, although it makes its surface ready even greater than usual and, as we said before, the reflexes detract from its general aesthetic.

Magic Live, the new personal assistant of Honor

We talked about the software and that’s where Magic Live comes in, along with some improvements in the Honor interface. In Honor already have their own Google Now translate the texts we ask, currency changes, allowing aircraft to book as restaurants and taxis and this is important, suggest answers during our conversations through instant messaging apps.

Even in something primitive state, Magic Live seems to be the way forward for Honor that curiously is linked by name to the Magic line. Does that mean that a new high-end has been born within the Chinese manufacturer? It’s possible. The only thing certain is that Magic Live arrives associated with multitude of local services, like Alibaba and Didi, and that at the moment will not leave the country.

At the moment it seems that this Honor Magic will not leave China, but the price of 499 dollars has some laps behind the scenes at the end of the presentation. Maybe in Honor they are encouraged to take the leap with the Magic and bring it, we will see if any other region. Although for now none of this is confirmed and we can only wait.

What did the Honor Magic look like?

It is elegant, is robust and has good weight, although the glass cover always gives the feeling that could break the endemic of these materials and designs. Honor has taken a big step with the Magic and has done something they have not achieved until now: getting the first in terms of terminal design with a more aggressive line than the previous ones.

We could not test it in depth but considering that the Magic Honor has a hardware very similar to the Honor 8 assume that pays a good level in the day to stand between super middle ranges. It has left disappointed the Magic despite its flaws, something Honor should take note to improve in future generations. And given the birth of Magic Live, we do not doubt that there will be.

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