No, I’m not going to talk about any computer monitor specifically, although I’m sure there are many people interested in them to improve their play equipment, or for a more professional use. Let’s take a look at the market ‘gaming’ to understand a little what goes into it, and what we’re going to meet next year.

There are specialized brands in monitors that have oriented models game: you will ring names like ASUS, BenQ and Acer. We could say that they are the leaders in this sector, globally, then we can find some more specialized firms – Microboard, Qnix, Crossover – that work quite well in Asian markets such as Korean or Chinese.

When there is a market that is working again – or revives – as is the case of the computer game, many players interested in being well positioned. The marks that you have said they are before, but there is plenty monitor manufacturer that can adapt to new needs.

Digitimes, very aware of what is produced in large factories consumer electronics, spoke recently of interest in creating monitors to play by big names in the market: got into the sack Samsung or LG, which are those Very easy to adapt and produce panels and monitors.

But the “2017” competition in the world of gaming monitors does not stop there, we can expect to get on the cart two of the main vendors – Dell and Hewlett-Packard – another of the big producers with their own technology such as AOC, And LG’s sister company on this screens, which is none other than Philips.

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ASUS leads, monitors grow

How is the market right now? As in business strictly ‘gaming’, which takes the palm is Asustek with a market share of 35% in this 2016. The next would be BenQ with a market share of 24%, and Acer, with close numbers to 19%.

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Not only are larger monitors being sold, the trend is for the media to grow

It has been many years since CRT monitors, these monsters who ate and occupied much space, but they were wonderful in image refresh: no lag.

As this is the biggest problem in the evolution of LCD monitors, today it is still difficult to find models that are ideal for playing. Some interesting facts…

  • The most demanded size on normal monitors is 21.5 inches, and the second, 23 to 24 inches.
  • Monitors to play the most demanded size is 24 inches, with prices move between 300 and 500 dollars. 70% of sales are here.
  • The next most required sizes in the game are 27, 34 and 35 inches, in that order. Obviously here average prices rise from 350 to 900 dollars.
  • The ideal game monitors refresh is 144Hz. This year 1.2 million units have been sold, next year it is expected to double the number, to triple it in 2018.
  • The curve on the monitor has not had a big impact on sales in 2016, it is supposed to gain interest next year.

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