The All in one has emerged as a concept and at a time when more and more devices and alternatives from which to choose, depending on the need to use these computers with all integrated behind a screen looking sacred ground conquer: your home. How? These reasons have enough to say.

Gartner believes that in the future we expect teams have added functionality to desktops that are now commonplace. These developments range from a 3D scanner to a 3D printer via voice recognition, motion sensor for gesture input and holography. Well, some of these innovations are already in the All in One.

As if that were not enough, many of these types of computers allow you to interact with tablets and smartphones of the users themselves, so that they can create content, learn, play, play and view any type of material of a free and innovative way.

Laptop or desktop

We can distinguish two types of devices in one: one would laptop while the other would be a more traditional desktop format. In both cases, the products have in common to have a large screen, however, remains thin.

All in One
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The All in One includes all the CPU inside the screen, which is a considerable saving of space also allows us the opportunity to have a more stylish and beautiful computer system.

This design makes us dream of a world with fewer cables (both practical and aesthetic), since we will not need to connect the CPU to monitor itself, as it is all perfectly integrated. Similarly, it should be noted that this type of All in One does not waive any technical benefit, either at the level of functionality, security or connectivity.

Goodbye, PC pigheaded…

As we say, one of the main advantages of All in One is that we have left behind that season in which desktops were ostentatious systems occupying a large space in the rooms of end consumers and also had a high price.

For some years, these All in One have become an increasingly common option. Why are more and more users who opt for them? A powerful reason is that we have solutions that are usually much thinner and consume very little space compared to traditional desktop PC.

If we add that you do not need to add external speakers, since the All in One and have integrated, saving is both space and money. Another peripheral is more than you will not need an all in one. The effort to improve the quality of the speakers is seen in the latest generations of these models.

The designs also have also been gaining in modernity as they have passed the years and the first models evolve. Great importance is given to all final appearance of the system, so we do not speak only of a large monitor and a keyboard, but the design of the entire apparatus has been careful to unthinkable levels.

A new television?

So many times, the All in One have become a natural replacement for a second home television.

One of its most striking features is that this type of computer is usually equipped with touch screens and high-definition graphics processors capable of playing spectacular images in this type of screens up to 27 inches in size.

In fact, one of the peculiarities of these All in One is that it also can be used as independent displays, since, as mentioned, the all in one have a monitor whose dimensions range between 23 and 27 inches. This multimedia ambition makes these systems come equipped (as usual) with a multitude of ports and connectors, HDMI com both Blu-ray and other accessories.

The challenge is to offer the greatest possible flexibility and versatility in a single machine, so the user does not need anything else to enjoy both their leisure and their productivity options when using these All in One.

They can be therefore very useful to have it in the kitchen and help us to watch TV when you want to do instrument, but also to follow the instructions of a recipe (s crucial not forget clean hands to avoid contaminating the touch screen) or listen to the instructions of a tutorial online.

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A large tablet to play

The All in One has entered the kitchens and other rooms of the house thanks to this multi-touch option that carry many of its models.

But the All in One not only allow us to interact with them without keyboard and mouse, but thanks to Cortana, a personal digital assistant which includes Windows 10, can manage all in one with our voice when, for example, we are with hands in the dough and clean impossible for us to touch the screen. With this same wizard can set reminders that are important, from the moment that we should remove the roast from the oven to call the doctor.

Thanks also to facial recognition features; we can unlock the computer without entering any other password. And depending on each user, you can give access to certain applications or other.

And thanks to the big screen including the All in One, you can divide it into two, to have multiple virtual desktops. Not only can you switch applications, but also between these desks.

And as good equipment for home, it is likely that teens want to play with the computer. However, Windows 10 includes the latest version of Microsoft API for graphics, which has significant performance improvements and can work with many current graphics cards. That’s not just good news for players, but also well received something for those who have to do Direct3D applications.

Speaking of games, one of the potential uses of All in One refers to traditional games, which take time and need their space to prepare and play. In addition, since they are not individual games, you need to bring people together in the same time and place. However, more and more digital adaptations of games, especially for the all in one and tablets, allowing us to avoid these disadvantages and enjoy thanks to the computer.

Security, a value upward

Security is one of the most important aspects, facing home incorporates this type of system. Given that more and keep more personal information on personal computers, tablets and smartphones, these devices are located in the cross hairs of hackers and / or hackers.

Therefore, the All in One that are based on Intel processors are reinforced some aspects like privacy and security, since they are designed to ensure greater security layer, while not undermine or performance or possibilities interaction with these systems.

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Long way to go

However, the truth is that for now the All in One only occupy a small part of the overall market for personal computers, perhaps because, especially in performance, are still not as powerful as his older brothers. This is due to the compact size they have, which limits some of the options in their internal technical characteristics.

Furthermore, although this type of computers has a long shelf life, it is important to note that if you are one of those who like to tinker inside the computer, cannot do it because you cannot update as to the hardware components that comprise.

Applications that you never imagined

One of the most important things you can do with all one has to do with the Intel RealSense camera some models, like the Zen Asus AiO incorporate. It is actually three cameras (one 1080p HD, another infrared and infrared laser projector) acting as one. Able to see how the human eye, this technology allows you to interact with these devices in a more natural and intuitive way.

Thanks to this development, you can use the Zen Asus AiO a more innovative way that you can apply in games or when making video calls even in three dimensions. For example, the team will be able to recognize your face in 3D, with Windows Hello, unlock your computer without entering a password.

A good example of these possibilities is the Zen AiO Pro, featuring the Intel Core i7 processors, which enable working with this RealSense technology. In addition, the all in one leads including DDR4 memory, 512 GB SSD storage M.2 x4 PCIe Gen3 graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M and 32GB DDR4 memory. Its screen is IPS multitouch with 10 points, FHD resolution and a viewing angle of 178 degrees. Its range of colors reproduced NTSC reaches 82%, 85% and 100% Adobe RGB in sRGB mode. That is, it reproduces more colors, precise, and vivid rich than a standard screen.

In addition to having Windows 10 operating system, the computer integrates Asus SonicMaster for audio, accompanied by six integrated stereo output 16-watt speakers.

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