Apart from Google Maps? Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say complementing Google Maps because, as you may know, all your digital activity is related.

But first things first: the local positioning SEO has become an essential part of the strategy of any local business that wants to be on the Internet. However, many professionals obfuscate and position us to optimize the pages of Google Maps of our projects sometimes forgetting that there are many other things we can do.

Google Local Maps
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If you want proof of it looking any business in your city. Have you noticed that Google now complements the local result with other reviews?

That said, I want to stress that everything will run from now are theories: theories and totally dubious speculations (in fact if you think otherwise I’d be happy to read you in the comments section) but … Did professionals SEO work not normally acting on the factors that we believe affect SEO?

1. Optimizing your Google Profile Business

Before working factors external to Google Maps we will start optimizing our own profile, do not you think? Otherwise, much to work externally, it is very difficult for our reach top positions in local results.

Therefore, and as always, optimize your title, your description, upload photos optimized and involve your customers more loyal to leave you a positive review. If you want something more complete check out some tips for local SEO.

2. Take the merger of Google Business with Google Plus and YouTube

In the section “Information” We all local business information. However, in the section “Publications” we can find all the contributions that the project has made in Google Plus … and the same would extend to videos uploaded to YouTube.

Where I want to go to? Well, we all know that Google values highly those sites that provide fresh content regularly. In other words: if you frequently publish quality content on our pages Google+ and YouTube expect Google to assess and improve our position in local searches.

3. Focus of online activity 360

We have our Google Business perfectly optimized content and publish it regularly. Now what? If we succeed in Internet need a 360 degrees covering all policy areas so supportive and reinforcing each other. Then I leave a few tips I try to always apply when positioned local businesses:

3.1 You have to be at all related portals geolocation

Yelp, Foursquare, related to your topic portals … We have seen that Google has started including external reviews in your results. Working achieve these profiles not only differentiate and excel in them but also get improved local positioning of our business in the SERP of Google.

3.2 Many business directories are still alive

It is true that Google updates many of these sites have been penalized … but it is also true that there are still many that not only have been hurt but, on the contrary, have been increased traffic volume and authority.

Therefore, I personally rooting for performing a job search and selection of those sites that may prove interesting to me for my project. And I’m not just looking for generic directories, especially I focus on specialized directories. For example, if you want to position a party bar in Barcelona I will do that and similar search in Google to see which sites are well positioned.

But … Eye! Not worth us any portal since, as we have said many have been penalized. To avoid surprises, better check with SEMrush the evolution of the number of keywords positioned (which, moreover, we will provide an estimate of the traffic that captures the portal).
Local keyword

3.3 Contact bloggers who are well positioned

Sometimes I find very well positioned for the keywords that interest me (sometimes even in the top 3 of the SERP) bloggers. So, as an alternative to investing in Adwords, we can buy a review to our business in that article will grasp heavy traffic for keyword that interests us and for a relatively low cost to improve, on the other hand, our local SEO.

3.4 Organize events and invites local experts in your city

Contests, auctions, tastings, charitable … well promoted events and attracting the right people can become a complete source of links and reviews people. Indeed, in contact with bloggers mentioned earlier often appreciate more we send them a free sample of our product or invite them to these events than the money itself, so that we can achieve our goal of a much more personalized, adding value and getting involve the blogger (or local expert) in our project.

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