Google announced that they had HTTPS sites could benefit in search results as this begin to be a factor to consider in the rankings, although affecting less than 1% of searches globally.

Much has been made of it, has been the outcry with items such as Engadget entitled “Google will penalize sites without encryption in the search engine results” (you can find it on Google, not a link is worth: P ) and even some companies like VentureBeat have tried to take advantage of the lack of information promoting items on social networks saying ” encryption is the new SEO “

HTTPS adds
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Recently a Searchmetrics study reveals that, today, encrypt a web provides no perceptible benefit to SEO.
According to Marcus Tober, of Searchmetrics, there is no data to prove that HTTPS have any impact on the search results after Google has released this as a factor for rankings in August. “Not yet detected any relationship to date of the data analyzed by us between HTTPS and rankings and there are no differences between HTTP and HTTPS. In my opinion addition, Google still has not released this as a factor in the rankings – and / or this factor affects only a small section of the index so far it was not possible to identify with our data. “

The following chart displays data between HTTP and HTTPS URLs and their alterations in the ranking, if any, and after removing outliers, no data showing an improvement of these URLs in search results are:

SEO currently

Having an encrypted web is great for websites such as online shopping, banking or sites where users have to put your data and some security is required, but for most sites is not something to be taken into account.

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