Do you love sending funny videos to your friends? If you are one of those who loves to send all kinds of videos and photos to group chats, if you are not ashamed and you also love acting from time to time to have fun, then there is a perfect application for you: Dubsmash. This curious app allows us to create videos, usually of ourselves. In which we can make dubbing of all kinds of songs and sounds with a great result. More and more users are responsible for uploading all types of audios. Today, the application has many but many alternatives. Do you want to know how to make videos in Dubsmash?

Videos on Dubsmash

Steps to make videos in Dubsmash

Making videos in Dubsmash is quite simple and fun, offering us the possibility to use any of the audios that users have uploaded or to upload your sound to use it and also so that others can have access to it.

The first thing you should do is download Dubsmash on Google Play or in the App Store. Once downloaded, you can enter and start testing it. You must know what to upload your audio. You must be registered in the application, something you can do in a few seconds.

Select trends

Upon entering Dubsmash, you will find the main screen, just like the one you see in this image. Here are all the options you need:

Trend: The most popular audios in recent days, depending on the area you are in. In this tab, you will also find audios segmented by categories such as cartoons, love, advertisements, animals, party, politics or sports commentary.

Recent: sounds recently uploaded by users.

Soundboards: The audios that you have uploaded to the app. Remember that to do so. You must be registered. You will have to search with the magnifying glass that is located in the upper right corner. Keep Reading funny videos maker app

Add sounds

To add your sounds, simply go to the Soundboards tab and press add Soundboard. The system will ask you to register if you have not already done so. In this tab, you can also find all the sounds that you have uploaded to the app and also those that you have used the most.

If you are very clear about the sound you want to use to make a video in Dubsmash, then you should go directly to the magnifying glass icon and write the keyword: name of the song, of the viral YouTube video, of the artist who sings it, the phrase that you want to double or even character that you like to do playback. In this app, you can find all kinds of audios, from comic or popular phrases, through audios of videos that have become viral on YouTube or social networks, to the songs of a lifetime.

Set the volume

You can make the video in Dubsmash. You just have to increase the volume of your device to listen to the audio well. If you want to use the rear camera to record someone else, simply press the icon in the upper right corner.

Once you have recorded your audio, it will be saved, but it will still lack some tweaks. To give them press the option to add effects, you must know that to add these effects. You have to be registered.

Once you have completed it, you can download it to your mobile or share it on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, among others. What do you expect to make a video in Dubsmash that makes everyone laugh?

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