The LG phone franchise this 2016 brought several surprises: new design, metal body, dual camera and the most innovative: a modular system to improve certain sections of the smartphone.

The new LG G5 is arguably the most different smartphone this year. We have submitted our One to One debate over whether the modular system has no future and is currently worth, we have reviewed how the available modules are already on the market and analyzed the most relevant module: LG Cam Plus. And this is our verdict.

LG has been the bravest of the top brands in this 2016. It’s been completely played with their new LG G5, terminal with which have released a module system. They could have chosen to leave their franchise out experiments and system modules offer a new terminal, but have taken the rest and consider that they have been very daring.

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The system modules LG G5 can have a first metal body in one piece which can remove the battery. With that starting point that the absence of third party manufacturers to join the proposal of Koreans, the two modules are now available…

  • LG Hi-Fi Plus: Hand of B & O this module has been created for those seeking more quality sound. Hi-Fi includes a 32 – bit DAC and amplifier.
  • LG Cam Plus: Basically a grip that provides extra 1,200 mAh battery to compensate for energy expenditure in more intense photo shoots. Also adds a physical button for shooting, video recording and zoom mode that takes advantage of the dual sensor to simulate

A success and value system input modules LG is that, whether we want to use modules or not, the system can remove the battery and have a replacement.

Of the first accessories we have available for the modular system G5 LG we have already tested the LG called Cam Plus. It is a module that adds length to the terminal but some weight and especially thickness, which will not be as comfortable to carry in a pocket and without it.

This increase in thickness is done on purpose and what we get directly and immediately is a better grip to use the LG G5 in shooting mode. Eye because the accessory is only available in silver so by placing it in a golden model, no contrast.

This module can keep it as long as we want, because we do not lose or the charging port or the speaker or microphone to make calls. All there is in the main module is replicated in this Cam Plus. And we gain an extra battery, namely 1200 mAh which must be added to the 2800 mAh removable battery serial , we give extract ( you have to pull hard without fear) module series and add to the camera.

Once placed, the module is detected by the application of LG to manage these additions, and with a fairly quick and easy setup, the new controls are assimilated by the terminal and ready to use.

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The LG Cam Plus effectively serves the purpose of handling the LG G5 for shooting more comfortably. We can handle it with one hand without being destabilized and also adds a number of physical controls like shutter button, another for video one on and the zoom wheel.

The latter is not logically a classic zoom but switches between the two sensors 12 and 8 MP to simulate a digital zoom. Once you have placed, the accessory is at least a good solution to pass the shot with 12 megapixel sensor at wide angle 8MP, although the wheel zoom is continuous and has no cap, so to sometimes we go blindly.

The situation of physical buttons is right for the zoom and photo shutter button, but not for the video (too small and close to that of photo) and much less for power. If the idea is that the handle serves to handle camera mode with one hand, it makes no sense to turn the camera have to take the terminal with two hands or do some juggling to reach and activate a button that could have been perfectly in the area to which arrived with the index finger logical that we catch the terminal grip.

For us it was more logical to activate the camera by pressing to the bottom physical shutter button, as with other terminals, but not so. Yes, let us access the camera by pressing it a second if the terminal does not have the lock screen.

In general terms there is nothing objectionable about this accessory LG G5. A connector to place it directly on a tripod, a Xenon flash or something that had long desired: a sensor plus size no problem taking advantage of space that accessory. That itself would have been a great photo module to justify the modular system and give value beyond the exchange of battery.Read this blog for more info.

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