It is now possible to track in real time the location of our cats easily. More details below.

Many users have pets and we know that both cats and dogs are favorite pets of most of them.

Nobody is free from misfortunes and our pet might be lost in some point, it comes the technology to help care for her at all times and places.

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petTracer is the name of the first GPS Necklace developed so that we can track our cats in real time. The creators of this product obtained the financing through IndieGoGo.

The development petTracer GPS collar was made thinking minimize shocks and sorrows that cause the loss of a pet, he also thought than an uncomfortable carrying device for cats.

It weighs 25 grams, has an incredible range of four weeks. By linking the GPS, collar web petTracer know in real time the location of our pet.

The price petTracer necklace is $ 160. You can see more information from their official website.

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