After a Nexus 6p how disappointed left us last year (though risky for its diagonal and price), Google repeats play this 2016 with two new smartphones that no longer want to be evidence of anything but a reality that logically fit its price to what it offers. But that’s no longer something that caught us by surprise with the Nexus, forgiveness, Pixel Google. Get used to your new name.

After a first half of the year full of big high-end smartphones middle and high aspirations, plays reviewing how they look and compete with the new Pixel and Pixel XL with the best smartphones of 2016. They get curves.

Resistance makes a difference in the first Google phone

Playing in the big league, the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL is paid to good design to stand out or at least get us a look at the watch along with other equipment. In the current catalog of high – end devices no doubt about the finish is allowed (even with very strong bets as water resistance of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus or the curve of the S7 Galaxy) and any misstep takes its toll.

In the case of this new pixel Google, we return to the line of work last year, with strong teams that transmit strength and combining materials such as metal (aluminum in one piece) and glass quite personality. Here we seem to see some influence from HTC, who have worked excellently in their One finishes but no good dimensions. The first phones that Google says make HTC assembles precisely.

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In the comparative table of dimensions we find that we are not facing thin and light equipment , but glad to see better use the front room for the screen, especially in the more diagonal model.

GOOGLE PIXEL / PIXEL XL 8.6 mm 143.8 / 154.7 mm 143 / 168 gr 5 / 5.5
IPHONE 7/7 PLUS 7.1 / 7.3 mm 138 / 158 mm 138 / 188 gr 4.7 / 5.5
SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 / NOTE 7 7.9 / 7.9 mm 142 / 153.5 mm 152 / 169 gr 5.1 / 5.7
HUAWEI P9 6.95 mm 145.5 mm 144 gr 5.2
LG G5 7.7 mm 149.4 mm 159 gr 5.3
MOTO Z 5.2 mm 153.3 mm 136 g 5.5
XIAOMI MI5 7.25 mm 144.5 mm 129 g 5,15
HTC 10 3.9 mm 145.9 mm 161 gr 5.2
ONEPLUS 3 7.3 mm 152.7 mm 158 gr 5.5
SONY XPERIA XZ 8.1 mm 146 mm 161 gr 5.2
HP ELITE X3 7.8 mm 161 mm 194 gr 5.9

The return to a good sized screen

Given the price of new pixel Google, we expected something more level screen. After the daring of Huawei with your Mate S and touch screen, honestly I expected a more forceful in this 2016 in the catalog of high – end Android movement. And most of the new models of Google, in theory standard bearers of innovations that should be coming to the future of Android. But for now nothing.

Pixel Pixel new XL and align with the other competitors specifications level screens. Panels AMOLED and expected resolutions. The good news is that your idea regress past year a diagonal jump out of the market and the two options put back into the fight for the most popular sizes: 5 to 5.5 inches.

PIXEL / PIXEL XL 440 / 535 ppi 1080p / 1440p AMOLED 5 / 5.5
IPHONE 7/7 PLUS 326 / 401 ppi 1334×750/ 1080p IPS 4.7 / 5.5
SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 / NOTE 7 577 / 518 ppi 1440p/ 1440p SuperAMOLED 5.1/ 5.7
HUAWEI P9 423 dpi 1080p IPS 5.2
LG G5 554 dpi 1440p IPS 5.3
MOTO Z 535 dpi 1440p AMOLED 5.5
XIAOMI MI5 428 dpi 1080p IPS 5,15
HTC 10 564 dpi 1440p SuperLCD 5.2
ONEPLUS 3 401 dpi 1080p AMOLED 5.5
SONY XPERIA XZ 423 dpi 1080p IPS 5.2
HP ELITE X3 494 dpi 1440p AMOLED 5.9

The latest processors (and operating system)

We’re looking forward to see so attractive combination that will make up the latest version of Android, the 7.1 with which premiering new pixel Google, along with the latest processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821.

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Here there have been concessions and new pixel Google are placed as the most attractive performance level and above all possibilities of your operating system. With an already matched price and even depending on what cases at a disadvantage to rivals, opt for guaranteed Android updates is the great weapon and attractive to opt for a Google phone.

PIXEL / PIXEL XL Snapdragon 821 4GB 32/128 GB Do not
IPHONE 7/7 PLUS A10 4 cores 32/128 / 256GB Do not
SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 / NOTE 7 8-core Exynos 4GB 32 GB Yes
HUAWEI P9 8-core Kirin 955 3 GB 32 GB Do not
LG G5 Snapdragon 820 4GB 32 GB Yes
MOTO Z Snapdragon 820 4GB 32 GB Yes
XIAOMI MI5 Snapdragon 820 3 GB 32 GB Do not
HTC 10 Snapdragon 820 4GB 32/64 GB Yes
ONEPLUS 3 Snapdragon 820 6 GB 64 GB Do not
SONY XPERIA XZ Snapdragon 820 3 GB 32 GB Yes
HP ELITE X3 Snapdragon 820 4GB 364 GB Yes

The technical level of performance the complete 4 GB of RAM, as expected in this most complete high-end, as well as the options of internal memory: of the 32 GB for the basic model and features a second version much more attractive thanks to its 128 GB of space. What does not change is the slot for microSD memory cards, which are not in this Pixel, something that will make any group of users reject the new terminal Google.

And how they behave the new Pixel and Pixel XL battery level and autonomy? Here you not lack continuity first USB-C port already released Google Nexus 6P with Huawei. With it, you can fill the capacity of their batteries quickly.

Here it is found that the weight and thickness away records in the high-end will serve the new Pixel to provide good theoretical capacity figures. We’ll see if autonomy.

PIXEL / PIXEL XL 2770 // 3450 mAh Do not Do not Yes
IPHONE 7/7 PLUS Do not Do not Do not
SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 / NOTE 7 3000 // 3500 mAh Do not Yes Yes
HUAWEI P9 3000 mAh Do not Do not Yes
LG G5 2800 mAh Yes Do not Yes
MOTO Z 2600 mAh Do not Do not Yes
XIAOMI MI5 3000 mAh Do not Do not Yes
HTC 10 3000 mAh Do not Do not Yes
ONEPLUS 3 3000 mAh Do not Do not Yes
SONY XPERIA XZ 2900 mAh Do not Do not Yes
HP ELITE X3 Yes Do not Yes

No surprises in the camera: no double sensor

Nexus camera 6p left us a good feeling. We rejoice that no longer superuser skinny performance level of a Nexus point, but neither stood out as perhaps needed. Not to mention the horror default application of the camera, light years away from the possibilities that allows Android and see in many rivals.

In the new Pixel Pixel XL and we find more of the same. The sensors are of 12 megapixels and each terminal has yours. No option to upgrade playing with two, so with a brightness of f2.0 – reinforced optical stabilization in both models – must be shaped to look better pictures in low light scenes, which is currently where the high end is marking differences with the Galaxy S7 to the head.

PIXEL / PIXEL XL 12 MP f2.0 4k Yes 8 MP
IPHONE 7/7 PLUS 12 MP / MP 12 + 12 f1.8 4k Yes Yes 7 MP
SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 / NOTE 7 12 MP / 12 MP F1.7 4k Yes Yes 5MP
HUAWEI P9 12 + 12 MP F2.2 4k Do not 8 MP
LG G5 16 + 8 MP f1.8 / f2.4 4k Yes 8 MP
MOTO Z 13MP f1.8 4k Yes 5MP
XIAOMI MI5 16 MP F2.2 4k Yes 4MP
HTC 10 12 MP f1.8 4k Yes 5MP
ONEPLUS 3 16 MP f2.0 4k Yes 8 MP
SONY XPERIA XZ 23 MP f2.0 4k Yes 13MP
HP ELITE X3 16 MP 4k Yes 8 MP

As you checked last year, Google phones will no longer be attractive equipment for its price. There are more affordable options with similar specifications. Other things matter here and there that already treat new Pixel definitely more as a manufacturer within the Android ecosystem.

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