A LG is costing horrors be important in the high – end Android phones fortunately has other divisions in which fare much better. Looking at his catalog clearly see that there are two different phones to high-end, the G series this year has had an update with the modular G5, and the youngest V10.

It seems that the Koreans have liked the second option and will continue renewing with the near LG V20. We knew of its existence, but that is the official name given in the house, also ahead it will be a reality next September, and it seems that LG does not want to miss that train submit a phone after the summer, as usually done Samsung with Note.

LG V20
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Another significant thing that counts in their networks LG is the successor to the V10 will come directly to the latest Android version, the one marked with a 7.0 and known as Nougat. The home dates with what evleaks ahead a couple of days: Nougat in August, and dared to say that Nexus 5 would not count on it.

What can we expect from the V20?

Unfortunately, this is all the information we have at hand, but it is striking to see that the LG itself forward its existence, that you begin to talk about it.

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Here are some points to consider:

  • If we start from the idea of the V10, the safest thing is that we find a large terminal, with screen of at least 5.7 inches.
  • Other features that made it famous are its multimedia skills – with a special DAC – and a second screen reduced in size.
  • Finally we have a very powerful camera system for some of the best in the market. We are also not forget that there were two lenses on its front.
  • The internal hardware was not the most powerful on the market – Snapdragon 808 – but a pretty ideal solution considering that the 810 gave many problems. Released on 821? We expect at least 820.

All those things I think the secondary display disappear, they take the system Always-On Display premiered at the LG G5. What does not seem to make much sense it is to take the LG Friends modular system, it is not something that has broken schemes with G5, or at least can say that is still very green.

How would you like to go? Will it be the next level Note?

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