In the United States, there are many companies that use heat transfer applications. Ceramic fiber blankets and other insulation supplies provide big benefits during long processing projects, which is why dozens of production businesses are profitable. Although the heat transfer industry is large, five very profitable companies have built brand awareness by constructing plants in different cities around the world.

British Petroleum

British Petroleum was founded in London in 1909. Thank to the staff’s hard work and dedication, British Petroleum is a very large oil and gas business. The company specializes in transportation and onshore and offshore tasks. Because British Petroleum employees are innovative, the organization generated billions of dollars in sales in 2015.

Dow Chemical

Dow Chemical technicians use insulated products to shield heat when clean water is produced at processing plants. The main headquarters is located in Michigan, but the company makes specialty chemicals that benefit people in many cities throughout the United States.


Eastman is an older company that specializes in chemical solutions in Tennessee. Workers uses technology-based tools during production projects to produce plasticizers and adhesives.

Big Businesses Use Thermal Insulation Products

Ceramic Insulation Can Help Your Business Grow

If you run a business that uses thermal applications, you’ll benefit from investing in good insulation products. According to experts, ceramic fiber is one of the best options because it shields low heat efficiently and isn’t affected by thermal shock. Ceramic insulation is commonly using during projects that involve:

Nuclear insulation
Thermal reactors
Mold wrapping
Gas turbines

Most manufacturers sell unique ceramic fiber solutions that have different temperature limits. However, a typical blanket can handle temperatures that reach over 2000 degrees.

Besides ceramic blankets, you can also buy commercial-grade insulation in various grades. The grade that you select will determine the product’s weight and density.

Overall, the most successful businesses are still growing because the technicians use professional insulation products that are specifically designed for different applications. Ceramic blankets are popular since the strong fibers can insulate boilers, furnaces, and other industrial equipment. If you currently running a business in the thermal processing industrial, a ceramic fiber blanket and other commercial insulation supplies can increase efficiency and boost your bottom line.

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