Within the world of miniPC there are many options, however, Raspberry Pi has managed to stand out impressively thanks to its versatility that makes millions of people to discover a new utility every day, where magic is precisely this: having a base users able to expand their capabilities and find new applications.

This philosophy has led to the emergence of competitors seeking to wrest share of the pie Raspberry Pi. Today we have a new bet on the market, which in truth does not look bad, that comes to compete directly with the Raspberry Pi Zero both for the price of just $ 5 as the size. We know the Omega2.

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Linux, WiFi and Internet of Things

A year ago hit the market the first version of Omega a miniPC seeking to break into the market makers and programmers, which had little presence beyond a user group that developed accessories to enhance their functions. This served for the platform, known as Onion based on Linux, grow and possible launch this year the second version, the Onion Omega2.

Its size is just a quarter of a Raspberry Pi is fully configurable and expandable through a variety of modules such as OLED displays, battery modules, and can even be adapted to an Arduino board to expand its power and capabilities. No doubt, the attractive part is the price of $ 5, which gives us access to a Omega2 in its entry -level version with CPU 580 MHz, 64 MB of memory and 16 MB of storage.

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If we want the ‘Plus’ version of the Omega2, then the price goes up to $ 9 but here we get twice the memory, storage and support for microSD. When compared with the Zero Pi Raspeberry has 1GHz CPU and 512 MB of RAM, certainly falls short, but complements their capabilities with an integrated WiFi module, which is achieved in the Zero separately.

Another important point of comparison is that the Raspberry Pi Zero has HDMI output to connect to any screen, while the Omega2 uses its platform based on cloud Onion Cloud, which allows control of miniPC from any browser and any computer or platform, which adds extensive support hardware and software through APIs.

Omega2 currently seeks funding on Kickstarter, where they have already exceeded the target impressively. As mentioned, the base price is $ 5 version, the Plus version 9 dollars, and expandable modules start at $ 15; the deliveries are scheduled for November 27 and it is noteworthy that at these prices must be added shipping costs.

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