Lately you are teaching many portable consoles, or appear to be, and is that technological planet is very interested in creating different things, usually pointing to the low cost, leveraging a hardware and software resources that are close at hand.

Now many small companies can create a portable device to level Sony or Nintendo, without too much trouble. But the pileup that we present now is something special, it is called Creoqode 2048 and just watching the screen and know that it does not intend to compete with other systems.

Its particular screen is composed by 2,048 pixels generous size, you can see perfectly at all distances. The reason is that each element is a LED lighting arranged in a matrix of 64 x 32 points. Strange at this point, but striking at least.

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The London company behind this curious console, Creoqode, designed to let the play, but also with the intention of developing it retro style titles. The whole process is completely ‘Open Source’, so that with a PC or Mac can develop and put the game without problems.

Share Qode, sharing code

Tutorials offered at very basic levels, for which there can never scheduled start playing with this. To encourage the development a community called “Qode Share” on it hanging applications that people want to share it will be created. Obviously we approach it as a console, you may also have other utilities, the end of the day is a programmable screen.

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The reality is that we see something that is externally very well designed, even the screen is very striking by the liveliness and clarity of these LEDs, but in practice it seems somewhat limited to generate games beyond the 8 bits. They could have extended the idea to something more modern, but it is also true that it was clear that they would not create a console to run MAME, but a tool to learn to develop.

As one might imagine, does not have the gadget Creoqode ready, ask for help in a Kickstarter campaign, which asks 146 dollars for one unit of the console. There will be two versions, one that comes ready to use, one that we even have to mount component to component.

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