The Galaxy A arrived in 2015 to recover a lost in the middle range of mobile field, and we had an update and different models of this family in these two years, so we had quite curious to know what was going to go transforming this step Market for Koreans.

Samsung has decided that this renovation was to improve vital aspects in the life of a phone such as battery, storage and resistance. That’s what they’ve done with the new Galaxy A5 and A3, which initially went to other markets but fortunately for our interests these phones come.

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Without fear of water

For the first time in a Galaxy A – not in the middle range of Samsung phones – these phones are resistant to water and dust at a level of certification IP68. This is a very interesting detail that will mark differences in the market and insurance that will create a precedent to copy by the competition.

Comment that the phones are made with a metal structure and the back in a finish they call 3D glass, apparently have put the level is quite high. The four colors you see in the images are shared by the two phones: Black Sky, Gold Sand, Blue Mist and Peach Cloud.

Another interesting detail to note about the phone is charging and data connector chosen, now it becomes a USB-C with reversible design. For him will be carried out fast charging of batteries that promise will last longer than the models of 2016.

This connectivity on both phones is LTE Cat 6, and the Android version that will be put into circulation is the 6.0.16 (Marshmallow). At the CES 2017 in Las Vegas – this week – we will know more about them, as we will know a little more what brings us each…

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Samsung Galaxy A5

It is the top model in the mid-range, so test your Full HD screen 5.2 inches and Super AMOLED panel. The heart of this equipment will be an eight-core chipset capable of running at 1.9GHz. It comes with 32GB of memory and can be expanded with microSD cards up to 256GB.

The cameras of this phones are 16 megapixels, both, and the battery with fast charge goes up to 3000mAh. The complete dimensions of the equipment are not bad: 146.1 x 71.4 x 7.9 millimeters.

Samsung Galaxy A3

The smallest Samsung Galaxy A3 low screen size to 4.7 inches – Super AMOLED HD resolution – also the 1.6GHz clock cycle of its eight cores. Here we start from 16GB expandable to 256GB.

Here the cameras turn out to be 13 and 8 megapixels, the battery also has fast charge but is 2350mAh. The full dimensions of the Galaxy A3 are 135.4 x 86.2 x 7.9 millimeters.


Both phones will be available in February being able to place orders from January 20 at the official store of the Korean company and specialized sites, there will be a wireless headset for bookings. There is still nothing on prices.

We are in a rather complicated market moment for Samsung; normally it comes more loose to the presentation of new Galaxy S, but with the sudden death of Note 7 everything is rushing for the next flagship is ready. This is not something that directly affects the Galaxy A, who are in the middle range, but it is important to maintain a schedule of powerful presentations, to look more alive than ever.

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