Complicated way that of LG in the world of smartphones, the powerful Korean company does not find a way to be more relevant in high-end phones, and that its staff is spectacular: worldwide has decided to double offer, well the LG G5, while the LG V20.

Both are critically acclaimed, both are packed with latest technology and innovative ideas, but when selling not get close to what the market heavyweights, iPhone and Galaxy S. Today we have fresh and interesting news about the LG G6, the umpteenth attempt to approach the phone said.

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What does LG have to do to get right into the top of high-end phones?

On the modularity of the LG G5 has spoken at length, as phone really does not need it, or you have failed to take advantage, as no module was really special, and have continued to develop things claim our attention.

In this sense it seems that Motorola is taking it more seriously, LG will continue in this line? We do not have an answer now, but I would bet they will continue to revolve around the idea. At least it would be good if they kept leaving that removable battery.

This of leaks always rely on their danger, but I think we can trust a little Shai Mizrachi, who had previously produced faithful recreations of LG and Samsung phones. What he teaches us is something very basic but serves to anticipate similar to the LG G5 design: they insist the double camera, which is very funny in their particular implementation, and placed fingerprint sensor to the back, as In the LG G5.

Shai According to the new phone will be very similar in size, although somewhat narrower but almost equal in thickness and height. These invites us to think of a similar screen size, which moves between 5.3 and 5.5 inches, and of course, with QHD resolution.

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The sooner the better

If the LG G5 is not a portent in sales and have the possibility of preparing a new flagship, it would almost be ideal to put it on the market as soon as possible. The reason I can find for this is that it is better to appear at a quiet time market, to live directly with the launch of an iPhone or a powerful Samsung phone: in direct competition, however good it is, has everything to lose.

As it is precisely what is bragged, LG has the priority to get its new LG G6 before the Galaxy S8 is a reality of the market. Here we are in a hurry twice, because Samsung also has a special interest in making us forget the episode Galaxy Note 7.

In the mentions almost take for granted that the LG G6 will be presented at the end of February, to start selling the following month. If we look at the calendar last year, the LG G5 had a similar presentation date, but not sold until the end of March: they want to win one month renewal schedule.

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