CES 2017 is just around the corner, and as in previous years, LG goes ahead with several ads seeking gain prominence now and not get lost in the avalanche of releases that will occur the following week. A few days ago, we were presented with its interesting wireless speaker levitating, and today we continue with the audio, but now personal.

LG is introducing two new members of its range of portable wireless products ‘TONE’. First of all we have the LG TONE Free, which are headphones that can be charged in a base that is placed on the neck, and on the other hand the LG TONE Studio, which is the most interesting and strange bet, as it is Of a personal audio system that we can carry in the neck as an accessory. Let’s get to know them in detail…

LG travelling audio player
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The LG TONE Free (HBS-F110) seek to be an option for those who want independent wireless headphones, but they do not want to suffer for not having where load when not in use. To solve this, LG created a band that is placed on the neck, as if it were a necklace, which serves exclusively to place the headphones, protect them while we are not using them, and also charge them.

This necklace also serve as a base load, it also provides alerts vibration that will be used to send notifications to users of incoming calls and text messages. In addition to this, the LG TONE Free also includes a separate charging base in the form of a case, ideal for those who do not want to wear the necklace.

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LG travelling audio player
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LG TONE Studio

Secondly we have the LG TONE Studio (HBS-W120), consisting of a loudspeaker shaped necklace, yes, which should be placed in the neck to have “a personal surround sound experience.” This portable speaker has four speakers, two on the top, and two vibrant on the bottom.

It has a Bluetooth connection, DTS certification, and has its own DAC with which they promise to improve the audio quality. The purpose of this device is to provide more personal experience to watch a movie, play a video game, or just listen to music. We do not want to imagine when people start using them on public transport. It also has a function called ‘Dual Play’, with which we can link up to two TONE Studio and thus share the sound in a movie for example.

Details about the price, release dates and full specifications will be announced during the CES 2017. But that’s not all, as the new TONE Infinity (HBS-920), TONE Ultra (HBS-820), TONE Platinum, TONE Active +, TONE Pro and LG Force are coming along with the TONE Free and TONE Studio. LG’s audio family will increase significantly.

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