Mid week we show you the complete renovation of one of the most important families of laptops on the market, all improved significantly in specifications, but the funny thing was meeting a new unpublished color for ThinkPads: Lenovo has decided to dress in silver, which has also made the jewel in the crown.

We talk about the best laptop they can offer, the fantastic Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. The reputation of this computer is not free, it is always among the lightest, thinest and most powerful on the market, without losing the essence of the ThinkPad family. The 2017 version is even better in these sections, also releasing the aforementioned silver tone.

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The new ThinkPad X1 Carbon is 8% smaller than its predecessor, with a thickness of only 1.57 centimeters, and weighing 1.14 kilos. We should note that this is a computer screen 14 inches, the size of a laptop that normally would have an inch less. Comment that the keyboard is water resistant and the outer shell is especially resistant to drops.

There are many design details that get reduced, such as the reduction of screen frames. Speaking of this comment that the panel is IPS type and exists in two variants: one with full HD resolution and a more modern one with 2.560×1.440 pixels.

Within it we can find the best for its size. Do not miss the premiere of the seventh generation of Intel processors, “Kaby Lake” and can choose up to i7-7600U, which together with 1TB storage, make an entire mobile office, which can perform any task. They have not forgotten to place a fingerprint sensor for identification.

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Two ports with Thunderbolt 3

Most striking in this renewal of laptops Lenovo is introducing ports USB-C with Thunderbolt support 3, as in this Carbon are present twice. There are also two USB 3.0 ports with the previous connector. Finishing with connectivity it is necessary to comment that there is HDMI port, microSD slot, and option to choose the equipment with connection 4G and NFC.

For now we do not know dates and starting prices for the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, we can come forward that will be available in the new silver color, next to the eternal black matte. Some like to know that Lenovo is committed to selling equipment bloatware free, thanks to version Signature Edition of Windows 10 Pro.

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