For which he was expecting a Chromebook level to get into the adventure of Google in laptops, take a look and wait for the new model that Samsung will launch the market. Answers to the name of Chromebook Pro and comes with pencil.

The stylus is not the only thing flashy about it, something that differentiates it from other Chromebooks also noteworthy that the screen rotates 360 degrees on the keyboard and can transform it into a touch pad tablet of 12.3 inches.

Entering specifications must be evaluated positively that the touch screen has a resolution of 2400 x 1600 pixels. Comment that the screen format is 3:2, its brightness levels reach 400 nits, and the pixel density is at 234 ppi.

Samsung Chromebook Pro
Image Source: Google Image

We continue with its dimensions, which are fairly contained for what it offers the device: 27.94 x 22 x 1.39 cm, with a weight of 1.08 kilos.

We know more about the laptop but before we would comment that has appeared on the Korean website of the company, we have no idea who will have the desire to give a global position the product. He has also appeared in the store Adorama.

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Pencil and ARM engine

That is not a pointer S Pen; call it simply ‘pen’ and unknown technology that uses pressure. We do know that there are applications Chrome OS – drawing, notes, and screen capture – that take advantage of their chances. We recall that this model can use Android applications.

Curious, no Intel inside. Samsung, from the beginning, is one of the companies that have tried to put solutions ARM in Google notebooks, and in this we will find one six-core processor running at 2GHz (2 and 4 Cortex-A72 Cortex A53) or accompanied by 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory.

Ending with interesting details comment that there is a pair of USB ports Type-C, and a slightly curved design keys. The official autonomy gadget is ten hours, Samsung claims that the battery life will remain good three years later, with more than seven hours of life.

Samsung invites us to think about what lies ahead in the world of Chromebooks, sure other companies will follow the steps convertible models, touch screens, ARM hardware, and pencils. This model is expected to move in around $500.

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