We continue with the domination of Xiaomi in the world of gadgets, sometimes directly, other sponsoring Chinese companies with interesting products that they end up signing and distributing. The last thing we have is a computer keyboard, the first made by the company and dares to do so mechanical.

They have put the name of YueMi Mechanical Keyboard features 87 keys. It is no longer curious who have wanted to enter the world of computer peripherals and directly attack the market ‘gaming’, which is where this type of technology is demanded keyboards.

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The construction of the keypad, outside, looks very good to have chosen the steel for the main structure, with an anodized aluminum finish. It is not very large, its width is 35.8 centimeters, but has a weight of 940 grams considerably due to the materials and mechanisms used.

The keyboard has a very powerful system composed of LED backlight 3528 for changing the intensity at six levels, and changes directly on the keyboard, no software for this.

The keys are made in a transparent polycarbonate, and can be replaced, either by fixing them, or any customizations that have to get something expected in Xiaomi.

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As you can see in the pictures the keyboard has been designed to work with Windows, not missing the typical function keys, and in the case of wanting to play there a way to block the ‘Win’ key to not skip us the menu by pressing by mistake.

For you are interested in knowing the used mechanical technology, saying that Xiaomi has chosen push buttons TCC Network, which the Chinese company have a guaranteed life of 50 million keystrokes.

Internally there is circuitry designed – an ARM 32 – bit chip – to improve the response to the buttons, getting an exposure time of 1ms, with the ability to detect eleven keys simultaneously (Anti-Ghosting) without conflict.

When and how much goes a mechanical keyboard signed by Xiaomi? It costs 299 yuan, to change are about 48 dollars. Goes on sale on 29 November. It’s not exactly it cheaper market, there that include the numerical part and RGB lighting, but the quality and technology certainly YueMi is assured.

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