Anyone who has been a member of a club – even a small one – will know that it can be great to be part of a community of like-minded people. Anyone who has ever run a club will know that it can be a huge task to ensure members’ details are kept up-to-date and subscriptions are fully paid up and accounted for.

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Membership management systems

There are several benefits to having a membership management system, but one of the biggest is that it will keep your members’ details safe. This is essential to comply with the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

Build and plan

Other benefits of membership management systems are that you can use them to build your community by way of message boards, which you might use for any job vacancies or even health tips related to your club. You can also use the calendar function to organise and publicise future events.

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Payments and membership renewals

A huge benefit of these systems is that if you choose the right one, it will process any payments your members need to make easily and quickly. In addition to automatic subscriptions, it should be able to handle fees for one-off events. According to NCVO, a good system is one that enables as many members as possible to pay membership fees by direct debit. You might also consider quarterly payments.

Get to know your members

The more you know about your members, the easier it is to tailor offers to them. Good software will enable you to record as much information as possible; take a look at something like People love it when they feel that their club knows them really well, so make sure that your software can do this.


Software that is easy for your members to use will help keep your members happy. There is so much choice for people, and you don’t want your membership software to be the reason they leave.


Your software should enable you to run reports so you can analyse what your members want and customise your database to ensure it meets their needs.

Membership access management software really can make your life easier and keep you legally compliant. Try it today and see how much easier it can make your operations!

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