The technological transmission wireless audio usually do not have very good press by audiophiles, but there are companies who firmly believe in the future of an alternative to traditional wired installations. ONEaudio is the case; a company based in Hong Kong has introduced new speakers based on DECT technology.

The ONEclassic DECT are speakers that while highlighting the use of this technology attract attention for its design: the box is completely transparent, revealing virtually all internal components, which according to its leaders not prevent these speakers sound especially well.

The DECT Oneclassic
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DECT technology could overtake cables

In fact in ONEaudio they believe that technologies like Bluetooth or WiFi are not the most suitable for wireless audio, and trust that DECT can behave even better than those alternatives to offer sound quality that can be as good as traditional speakers wired.

Among the advantages outlined in the use of this technology is the perfect alignment of DECT channels. According to the creators of these speakers, both Bluetooth and WiFi or wired speakers can cause separate signals (such as audio emitted from the woofers and tweeters) are unable to reach our ears in it and right time.

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It will be interesting to see if this lack of lag is real, but it is also true that design with the use of an acrylic material 12 mm thick wrapping those components that are responsible for providing sound: a woofer with a cone 6.5 inches and 2 inches tweeter, and a dedicated processor, DSP, and a custom firmware amplifier which adds to the DECT radio transmitter controls the audio signal.

These speakers are rushing through Kickstarter, and it seems that the interest generated by the campaign is remarkable. The cost of a pair of speakers with USB dongle that controls them has a starting price of $ 1,999, half the price is estimated to cost the speakers when they appear in stores. Speakers begin arriving; estimate their creators- in October 2016. Visit for more tips.

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