The new Moto X has all the earmarks of going over the metal, as seen in the latest leaked images of the terminal. We can also see that there is a major change in the lines with a generously sized circular chamber, and striking design connectors on the bottom rear.

Having seen the look of the Moto G this season, it is now turn to his older brother, courtesy of the people of HelloMotoHK and Evleaks. The first teaches us a real image corresponding to the recreations who shared the second, there seems little doubt that this is the final design.

Moto X
Image Source: Google Image

The phone that comes to be placed in high – end Motorola has to have enough of Lenovo in their genes, in fact little resemblance to past generations, mainly by changing the metal. The strangest part is in the front we can assign to the button with a square and small design, which must have a sensor fingerprint, as filter feeders (it is a novelty that shares with the Moto G).

In the back there is a very striking for the camera, flash and inlaying a circular area some sensors. What are those connectors?

On the front seems to have special sensors placed at each corner of the screen, they have all the earmarks of having to do with technology ‘active display’ of the house. Otherwise, you cannot tell anything serious about specifications, or availability.

No further information on the phone, and yes many rumors and opinions about what we have seen. It has all the earmarks of this Moto X 2016 will become a global reality this summer.

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To the left a real image of the phone, right and center, the aspect of the droid variant for the operator Verizon.

Does it prepare a new laptop-Motorola accessory?

If we turn sixteen points we call our attention. In the recreation of Moto X 2016 they seem connectors, but if we see there on the Droid variant could say that is the space for a rear speaker.

If they were fledged connectors, we would like to have a special utility and could connect something big in them. Some are beginning to comment on the return of a lapdock style of the Motorola Atrix 4G. An idea that failed years ago – also went right to ASUS – but now it makes more sense thanks to the power of the equipment and evolution of Android. You could also connect to a tablet.

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