HE10 Ultrastar is the new product from Western Digital that plans to offer end users greater capabilities and optimize product performance. More details below.

Western Digital is one of the most prestigious companies regarding the manufacture of hard drives and every so often surprise us with innovations in its product lines, even conducted a review of My Passport Wireless.

Western Digital
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This time, the pleasant surprise is that Western Digital presents his external hard drive 10TB of capacity, which is hermetically sealed with helium, being the first to carry this technology.

The reason for the use of helium is that the company intends to improve the strength of the internal rotating disks containing data stored. The gas allows all internal hard disk has a lower pressure and energy consumption.

This new hard drive will be based on the perpendicular magnetic recording system. The application of helium and Western Digital was held for business products but this time, the target audience are the end users.

The name of this new album is Ultrastar HE10. Some specialists believe that Seagate rival Western Digital will offer a laser-based technology called HAMR shots.

The cost of the new Ultrastar HE10 Western Digital is $ 900 USD.

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