Optimising an app is essential if you want it to be visible on the various download platforms that will be hosting it. Without taking steps to ensure that it ranks well, it may remain in obscurity rather than earning the audience it deserves.

Why you need to consider app store optimisation in 2016

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The evolution of app development systems is occurring all the time, with virtual and augmented reality likely to be the next big thing. However, even apps with less advanced functions deserve to be optimised, so the following tips should be useful for a range of developers and businesses.

The Name Game

Naming an app is the first step to making headway in a congested marketplace, with a recent report from TUNE suggesting that a moniker that is optimised with a keyword could lead to a 10.3 per cent improvement in ranking.

With up to 255 characters to play with on Apple’s App Store platform, there is a good deal of flexibility in this respect. Just remember that longer names will be cut off following the 23rd character on the store and after 11 on the iPhone’s Home Screen.

Similar limits are in place for Google’s Android ecosystem, meaning that the name of an app must define it, include a keyword if possible, and remain snappy and unique enough to attract attention for full optimisation to be achieved.

Decisive Descriptions

Tried and tested SEO tactics can work well for app optimisation, especially in terms of the description you create. Involving companies like Ryco Newry Web designers is sensible if you want guidance.

Compose a compelling opening for the description and perfect the first sentence so that it stands out and appeals to your target audience. You should also ensure that your description is updated any time a patch or feature is added to the app, since people will want to know about changes and fresh functions.

The written description of an app should be simple to optimise if you think about it carefully and get help from firms offering web design in Newry.

Furthermore, you will need to make sure that 2016 is the year in which the logo you pick for your app is one of a kind and yet rendered in a manner that makes it perfect for resizing to fit different devices. This final optimisation should give you the competitive advantage.

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