Project XANDEM collects funds for innovative system of protection. Control of access to it is carried out without the use of cameras, but it leaves no blind spots and allows you to remotely monitor the movement of people.

XANDEM Home Security
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Traditionally, for the security of the premises used IP-cameras have become available and home users. Recently, however, there are more reports of hacking and use against the owners. Because of the default settings and firmware peek through them can even philistine, typed into a search engine a couple of specific queries.

In Xandem we decided to use to observe a completely different technique, which does not allow becoming an unwitting participant in a reality show in his own house. Recent work on the detection of reflected waves gigahertz shown that the nature of the spread of Wi-Fi greatly affect people. These movements cause a Doppler frequency shift, and also changes signal levels at various points. With appropriate processing algorithms it allows to record your movements.

If early studies used only one access point, then prompts you to install Xandem lot of sources for more accurate registration of any changes. Instead of cameras and sophisticated centralized security systems Xandem uses dozens of low-power Wi-Fi transmitters, forming one mesh network.

The sole purpose of this network is a comparison with a given standard of the picture and the individual characteristics of the signal recorded by each receiver. In an empty room all the parameters of Xandem virtually constant. Once inside a person gets, the picture changes immediately. His body, he escapes of the receivers and signal, increasing its capacity by others. Simple geometric calculations to determine how many people are included and their location every second.

Such covert surveillance system often featured in spy and science fiction films, but only two years ago, they began to translate into reality as open commercial development. Analysis of levels of Wi-Fi signal was used to monitor the movement of people behind a wall of officers Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT. Then the idea developed by researchers from the University of California, created the technology of machine vision also allows you to “see” objects behind opaque obstacles.

The sensitivity of modern receivers so high that Wi-Fi not only allows you to determine the location of people, but also to recognize their movementResearchers from the University of Washington are developing a system of sign control WiSee, but the security functions implemented yet easier.

Setting the alarm system is really simple. The owner simply places as much as possible Xandem modules within the protected area, and then specifies the parameters zero (corresponding to an empty building). After that, you can control the security system via the application from your Smartphone Company to give him the same warning of the invasion.

No more need to put sensors on doors and windowsXandem do not care how someone got inside. Block him work too hard. If you turn off the transmitting device on your Smartphone appears the alarm, and go and it does not change the level of the signal at any sensor is impossible in principle.

In theory, there is only one obvious way to attack – used to turn off a part gigahertz range as long as the owner did not disable Xandem, tired of false positives.

The developers note that in addition to protecting the house from intruders Xandem performs the inverse function, alerting about the unplanned exit. This feature is useful attendants and nurses. Have obvious disadvantages of the system are only two: each sensor occupies a single outlet, as fed from the network, and the system in the basic version will cost at least $ 475 for the first customers.

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