HTC sent us several tips that will result in high-quality videos using all the features of the new HTC One A9. More information below.

HTC sent us the following official information:

Record a video from your smartphone can be easy following a few tips. That is why HTC provides some tips to create good quality videos with the new HTC One A9.

Learn how to create quality videos with HTC One A9

1. Lighting: If you’re using the front camera recording indoor or outdoor spaces in low light, powered UltraPixel you’ll have minimal exposure settings and proper lighting, making crisp, well-defined results.

2. Plans and frame: It is very important to properly square the smartphone camera, play with different planes and take calculated distance and angle between the focus and lens for better recording.

3. Stability: For a video image with a stable and smooth ride, it is best to record with fastened with both hands or with a tripod phone horizontally. This is recommended for later playback or transmission on a computer or TV.

4. Sound: As the quality of the camera, audio is essential for a good video. This smartphone has a HTC BoomSound technology integrated into the headphones, combined with Dolby Surround Audio amplifier and high performance. In addition to the DAC technology that converts audio from 16 bits to 24 bits, a clearer, dynamic and surround sound.

5. Edit: And if you’re not happy with the final video, the HTC One A9 allows you to edit it once completed. You can choose music that you like to acclimate your content as you like, and the Hyperlapse option can speed up your video up to 12 times giving it a completely different and fun effect.

Make the most out of the features of your HTC One A9 this summer and surprises everyone in your social networks with excellent video quality.

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