China is the world’s largest market, but is also experiencing a slowdown in growth, which significantly affects even the accounts of Apple. Most phones and brands that we know, come from there, and it is very interesting to know how this scenario is transformed.

In previous years we found that the firm’s growing up was Xiaomi, and more market share had remained historically was Samsung, but things have changed considerably in recent quarters. We could say that Huawei is the fastest growing company in the most recent period, but if we have to evaluate is 2015, that Xiaomi is installed as the head of sales.

Apart from expectations, Xiaomi is king in sales…

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Although firm Beijing has not worked as well as their leaders thought, there are cuts in expectations during the year – wanted to pass the barrier of 100 million – are the most sold in the year to date. The information was shared Wall Street Journal, based on data from Strategy Analytics and analysis consulting.

Understanding market shares, 15.2% it is Xiaomi, while Huawei is dangerously close to total 14.7% share. Apple, despite playing in a league different price, would stay third with a share of 12.5%.

Fourth and fifth we have to live and Oppo, with 10 and 9.2% share. It is fair to mention that these two companies have the same owner (BBK), and with OnePlus form a very powerful business group, which as you can see play with 20% of the Chinese market.

Reports placed the redmi Note 3 as the main phone in the last weeks of the year, which most likely will be endorsed by its smaller brother, the redmi three plain, presented this same January. The other push has to take the E5, which will be presented on February 24.

A Samsung take the top 5

The Chinese market grew only 2% in 2015, it is saturated

Now comes a difficult period for declarations and commitments of companies, Xiaomi and fingers caught last year, we will see how we manage this.

Possibly the year for the first time passing the 100 million handsets sold, but that’s a goal that has already achieved their neighbors Huawei, which seems to get most important challenges: to catch Apple and Samsung.

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Among the biggest names we miss Samsung; it is that for the first time out of the top five vendors. The local brands have taken, and Apple is only the top of the list. In 2014 Samsung was outstanding leader.

The trend in China goes through buy more expensive phones, is Apple in numbers and average per product sold, and that the end is beneficial for companies such as Huawei or BBK Group (Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus).

The average price of the phones in 2015 is as follows: Huawei rose to $ 306 of the $ 216 that cost on average in 2014. While Xiaomi dropped to 149 from $ 189 in 2014. The average price in China for smartphone he raised to $ 319, from $ 260 last year.

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