America is at the height of election campaigns, which is also the last year of Barack Obama as president, which is why in recent months are seeing unusual activity of proposals to draw attention ahead of the adoption of the 2017 budget. We have for example the creation of the world’s most powerful supercomputer, its support for the development of technology for autonomous cars, the law on access to solar energy, the promotion of information technology education, as well as a proposed new tax on oil.

Cyber Security
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Today Obama has unveiled its latest budget for 2017, which is complicated to be approved, but nonetheless can set the agenda to be discussed once you have a successor to the White House next month November. Within this budget, there are interesting things, but the most important is two, the budget allocated to NASA and the announcement of a new cybersecurity plan.

Cybersecurity Action Plan 19,000 million

This new effort to combat cyber attacks, is called Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP), which has been allocated a total of 19,000 million dollars, which means an increase of 35% in the 2017 budget, and arrives in moment after that will filter the personal data of nearly 22,000 FBI agents and other 9000 the United States Department of Homeland Security, plus this February 9 marks the day of Internet Security.

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This data breach FBI affects generally the US, here it is not about Republicans or Democrats, why Obama was right with his proposal, which today is the most viable throughout the 2017 budget and that certainly will remain in the discussion throughout this year, as we know, the issue of security in the United States takes precedence.

At the close of 2015, cyber attacks represented a cost of more than $15 million on average for each of the undertakings concerned; this represented an increase of 19% over the attacks in 2014.

These are some of the measures that contemplates the Plan of Action US Cybersecurity:

  • The creation of various offices in charge of cybersecurity, which will consist of experts from Silicon Valley outside government who will help with actions and recommendations for the next 10 years in order to strengthen national security in such attacks.
  • The White House created the Federal Privacy Congress, which will be responsible for ensuring data privacy of citizens and address issues that have to do with identity theft and virtual kidnapping. This proposal is the more striking because it is seen as a move intended to clean up the image of the United States after the scandals of the NSA and Snowden.
  • It seeks to change the whole computer equipment and virtual infrastructure administration, as well as smartphones, tablets and any attached devices, which must be prepared for any kind of cyber attack. Here they are earmarked 3,100 million and the modernization will be in charge of the new Federal Chief Information Security

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  • An important point is intended to foster growth and create talented staff, for this will be invested $ 62 million in education programs for new CyberCorps, which will be professionals who will work on strategies and receive incentives for participating in the program. This is focused on hackers and people who have worked on cybersecurity issues in other companies, where the idea is now working for the government.
  • Finally it seeks to raise awareness among citizens that cybersecurity is serious and can destroy lives and the country, so campaigns will be for people to improve security on their online profiles and review constantly using official software, among other things.

“Cyber ​​threats involve a danger not only to our national security but also for financial security and privacy of millions of Americans”

The 2017 budget Obama is doomed to failure, that is almost a given, but the issue of security is important, so we have to be aware of what the reaction of the current candidates to this issue, as they win it is an issue that will be addressed immediately.

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