The new Samsung Galaxy each year, the event is within or outside of it, it is an annual event in the month of February, the MWC. This year Samsung has already confirmed that it will be in a new Unpacked where we know all the details of the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

After the great solution we found the Galaxy S6 last year named best terminal, the new Galaxy S7 again points higher. There have been leaks and rumors about the powerful new franchise Koreans in recent weeks and we have compiled so we are clear what we expect from the Galaxy S7 when presented later this week, on Sunday February 21.

Samsung Galaxy S7
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Design Galaxy S7: A by the two diagonals

Will there finally found a reference design Samsung for its Galaxy range? Although there have been no significant differences in all his years of life, changing their minds about what they wanted to achieve with his Galaxy S has a maximum in recent years. Here we have for example the Galaxy S5 with its water resistance, which last year went on record in favor of the expected arrival goodbye to plastic in the form of a body of glass quite attractive.

The result was a success, and the combination of metal and glass will remain in the version of the Galaxy S of this 2016. The only change could come in the form of a water resistance that would be welcome and would not have the problem of having to plug the charging port.

Samsung Galaxy repeat strategy two S7, one with curved screen and this year will have a diagonal not to compete with the model without curve

However, the most significant family Galaxy S6 was Curve Screen Edge model, not so much at the level of functionality and design and exclusivity. This year Samsung seems to repeat play. Edge Galaxy S7 will but with a difference, more than the model without curve: the screen diagonal.

If the rumors end up being true, the Galaxy S7 “classic” will stay in the usual 5.1 inches while the Galaxy S7 Edge raise its screen size up to 5.5 inches and will top design details with less extrusion camera and best alloy frame built into the body. In terms of colors, in addition to gold and black, there will be a silver version that looks great if multiple renders and leaks in recent days are met.

Here Samsung’s strategy seems more focused on what it does not happen last year, when the Galaxy S6 Edge left in the shadows at a great terminal as Galaxy S6 it was normal. This version will receive more news in terms of design, mainly in the curvature of the edges and integrating them on the screen. Another distinction between models without a curved screen on the sides and Edge would be in the price. The rumors associated with some analysts with previous successes in the industry indicate that Samsung plans to slightly lower the price of Galaxy Classic S7 for greater appeal among consumers.

The classic Galaxy S6 could have less screen and a more attractive price for a shock at the high end

In terms of dimensions, the most important is the thickness of the Galaxy S7, on the line last year, under 7 and 8 mm for models Edge Galaxy S7 and S7 respectively. And as in 2015, the weight probably will also record.

An opportunity for the Snapdragon 820

After a very turbulent year in Qualcomm and was highly benefited (and Samsung Exynos), the Galaxy S7 and Edge version seems to return to the path of combining two chips depending on model and market. If this finally happens, we moved ahead a few months comparing performance between chips and of course, some controversy.

So, with the Galaxy S7 the Korean giant will not give up show the potential of their own chips but also bet on the new Snapdragon 820.

The model design and manufacture Samsung mounts the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be the new Exynos 8890, SoC 64-bit manufacturing FinFET in 14 nm (8 cores of which four are own Samsung), the same as It has the Snapdragon 820. The GPU model Mali T880 Samsung will, and will have a LTE Cat12-13, just the same as the model Qualcomm.

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If last year the difference between the Exynos and Snapdragon was important, the first filtered test portend greater equality, with Samsung being superior model processes with multiple cores and Qualcomm model giving the best when used just one. As RAM, we are talking about 4 GB.

Galaxy S7 with its own 3D Touch Screen

With the level of quality, they have achieved the Samsung AMOLED panels, we cannot expect more than the replay in the next Galaxy S7. Nothing indicates that there will be surprises in this regard, and we would find excellent AMOLED panels with QHD resolution (for now by Samsung 4K panels that will surely leave for S7 Edge Plus and Note 6 does not spear) in the two versions 5.1 and 5.5 inches in the next Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

The most interesting a priori come with an option on the screen called AOD (always on display), a kind of Ambient Display as the Nexus or Motorola phones for notifications to the idle screen.

Samsung still does not seem interested in forming a 4K panel on the Galaxy S7 but it will provide more useful new features like Ambient Display

Innovation would certainly hope for something: the possibility that the screen knows how hard we are pushing them. Yes, the famous 3D Force Touch Touch or according to the manufacturer, and which I already warned that we would see in many of the high end of this 2016. And more Samsung.

When tested on the iPhone 6s and we note the importance of developers and the manufacturer should give him value to the technology of pressure. Here we can expect that at least part of Samsung, items falling on your side can make a good integration of technology in TouchWiz.

Just a powerful filtration recent months has the TouchWiz layer on Android 6.0 as the protagonist. The news is enough, and stays on the line to respect the expertise of Android basic but still be TouchWiz in areas such as notifications, items or some of the icons that are flatter and better transparency. Changes in appearance may exaggerate issues more options.

Of the new options that come with TouchWiz on Android 6.0, we are looking forward to meeting those affecting curves Galaxy S7 Edge, look where they insist, and especially the camera. More manual controls, options and RAW are added to the simpler for those who only want to point and shoot current interface.

Roughly megapixel: The question on the camera Galaxy S7

The photographic section at the high end has become so interesting and competed any movement from now on must be thoroughly reviewed. Missteps are going to be heavily penalized by the market. Moreover, the resolution is among those critical points when being altered.

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Samsung, after some initial rumors that placed in their new franchises the same 25 MP sensor Xperia Z5, it seems to dare to reduce resolution as Galaxy S7 using to bring their own sensors, one 12-megapixel ISOCELL, which would give theoretical advantage to excel even more is night scenes. Add to this a brightness of F1.7-tech focus to do it even faster than the hybrid 2015 and the recipe we get is that of a theoretical top3 on camera.

The good news is that a good level of software will support both processing where Samsung is at a high level, and interface, including the new TouchWiz full manual control and the possibility of RAW files.

Capacious battery and microSD slot: The surprises of Galaxy S7

The swing of strategies in Samsung Galaxy S will have a new special chapter to the Galaxy S7. According to information leaked from the FCC, through which must pass the terminal for approval before the release, the battery of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge be far more capacity than seen in the previous generation. The 5.1-inch model that is, the Galaxy S7, the margin of autonomy available to provide its 3000 mAh battery, while the Galaxy S7 Edge model will fuel its 5.5-inch screen with 3600 mAh.

More battery to 3600 mAh, and the return of the microSD card slot could be two more than welcome in the new Samsung Galaxy S7

However, there are no updates to Samsung battery level. Fast charging will leap in quality thanks to Android 6.0 and rumors suggest it will be possible to make a charge of 80% of the terminal in half an hour using the built-in 820 Snapdragon technology.

If we add wireless, charging this would be one of the best terminals in that aspect of the market. In addition, can you guess what will be the main port of the Galaxy S7? Exactly, the USB type C, hopefully not only the appearance with all its advantages and.

The other surprise that we can leave the presentation of the Galaxy S7 this Sunday certainly is very well received by the community: the return of the microSD to the Galaxy S slot if confirmed, we can take advantage of the low price and high capacity. Speed of the latest microSD.

What would be confirmed if this possibility is real in the two versions or only in the classic Galaxy S7 and not on the Edge. In any case, it seems that the Galaxy S7 versions are basically two: 32 and 64 GB, but able in some markets to purchase Galaxy S7 with 128 GB of internal memory.

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