The Xperia Z5 has been like doing an intimate cooked. I say therefore time that has accompanied me and because its design, one of the oldest and successful history of smartphone, has remained largely unchanged. Now personally I find too little seen and ambitious personality at a time when it should be noted.

The design of the Sony Xperia Z5 is well known, but there has been no generation that has not improved. In this version it makes the finish frosted glass and the microUSB port will no longer be covered for water resistance.

Sony Xperia Z5
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This does not mean to support that iteration after iteration Sony has refined an interesting design. And in this Xperia Z5 it has hit squarely with two major changes: the microUSB port on the air despite their resistance to water, and frosted glass finish.

This last point seems very comfortable to hold and easy grip and is not easy for the terminal rear slide glass by many to have. Although neither too light nor too thin, race in which are several of its rivals, the Sony Xperia Z5 is comfortable in hand and balanced. Just think of what you could get if only slightly reduced frames…

Another important development in the design of Xperia Z5 is the power button and lock. It has become even larger to accommodate the fingerprint sensor and after this month of use, has become one of the features that we have more of this terminal hooked.

Log safely it is something that is already part of my routine and I find it very comfortable doing so as intuitive as this Xperia Z5 thanks to that has been placed in a natural area where we always support the terminal finger catch with one hand. Another thing is when we manage the team from across the table; in that case, there is no advantage or even counterproductive because we feel we have to take it off the table, and there are many users who manage quite the screen with the terminal on the table, and that is impossible to use the fingerprint reader of this Xperia Z5.

It also seems much improved the situation of the volume control buttons, too low on the side and having to make a move that seems unnatural to use.

The word that best defines the bowels of the Xperia Z5 is balance. The diagonal of 5.2 inches seems very successful, and although it could have executed well, Sony left the 1080p resolution for this panel. Except when compared with standard 2K screen, we did not notice the difference in the habitual use of the terminal.

But yes it has improved screen Xperia Z5 outdoors. High brightness and question a panel IPS makes this smartphone in one of the best looking with intense ambient light directly. Sony also very good color reproduction and no need to resort to higher performing some contrast display modes. Also, using these modes can “distort” how has been a picture and realize mistakes when it is too late.

The only clause to be performed on the screen of Xperia Z5 is about endurance. Here we have noticed that the screen seems that it is easier to scratch than other high-end, or at least less sacrificed.

Also we have found balanced Xperia Z5 referring to the power and autonomy. Here we have not missed more power in any time, but yes, abused Snapdragon 810 and can appreciate the problem of heating of the chip.

As for autonomy, in this month of intense use of the terminal, the Xperia Sony Z5 comes to day use, although sometimes with difficulty, and we must resort to stamina mode. But Sony has done so well with it that we do not care.

Yes, in general it seems a shame that Sony has not chosen to maintain autonomy as a distinguishing feature of the terminal and now is between aspiring to reach the working day without great sacrifices. We do not like that there is no quick charge to compensate, nor wireless.

The expected renewal of the camera

During our month of use with the Xperia Z5 we live awaited update of the camera. The renewal came mainly from the side of the interface, much more accurate and allows spending a few options other more directly, just sliding around the screen. In addition most menus are accessible one click.

However it has not even reached the RAW or more manual options and Sony continues to insist that we make 8 MP photos instead of 23 million.

The camera interface of the Sony Xperia Z5 much improved but still suffers from inviting us to take pictures with less than the maximum resolution of the sensor, which seems a waste

Otherwise, this month of use has given us to strengthen the experience with a high-resolution camera that allows us to 3X zoom or cuts on the original scene with no regrets excessive loss of quality, and with which it is possible take great pictures thanks to the famous Sony processing no longer penalizes both the camera after shooting.

However remains some inconsistency in night scenes where we miss the optical stabilization to support further sensor size and brightness. Because we do not believe the results that correspond to what he is capable of doing this camera on paper. Also in scenes with high dynamic range we see suffering more than it should and there is very effective solution by the HDR, one of the weakest modes Sony Xperia Z5 this.

The focus and speed we have been very pleased, especially in tracking objects by the approach. And very well by Sony to maintain the option of memory card because we could tell it where the 4K videos and images are stored.

Finally I have to say that the way to catch these terminals big screen, the camera seems more and more that should be centered or at least away from the corners, where it is very likely that some of the fingers that hold it to leak and that we do not realize until it’s too late.

On the renewal of the Sony Xperia Z5 camera we will soon talk in detail to tell you what we felt. Stay tuned!

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