The LG V10 comes to something different from previous models Market, but without losing the essence, the design remains very close to previous model, but not next curve is flat, the material on this occasion, LG has decided to include metal like many other phones that are on the market, only difference is that in this model comes to stainless steel instead of aluminum serving military standard STD-810G certification is fall, includes double glazing for strength in terms of impacts, something that many will appreciate is the ability to remove the back cover to replace the battery and memory expansion up to 2TB, speaking of the lid has a design which adheres well in hand and one would be able to customize it with other more.

LG V10
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It comes with Android 5.1 operating system Lollipop, and LG customization layer, which for good honest series is not charged, and brings some options to customize your terminal, such as the lower bar where some functions can move location, also have the ability to add more icons on the bottom base, we have the double screen where we can work with two applications at the same time, we QuickMemo gives us the ability to write on the screen and share them on the network social, in short several options that in many cases I have found useful, the operating system works very smoothly, is fast at multitasking can move from application to application without much delay, really very well optimized.

The 5.7 inch screen is amazing Quad HD IPS LCD with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 with 515ppi protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, there is no doubt that this is one of the best screen under this resolution, rich, bright colors enhancing the picture quality on all in the details, the screen looks good both outdoors and indoors, thanks to its size is perfect for media content may take up to 2K.

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You talk about the sub screen is 2.1 inches, which manages a resolution of 160×1040, the idea is to meet certain functionality, we tend 6 windows which we can customize depending on your needs either with the applications most used, applications Recently, control of our music, our agenda, favorite contacts, and finally our firm, this screen also presents notifications and calls without interrupting the application you are using at that time, has virtually the same functionality as the curve of the Galaxy S6 Edge, the difference it is the location to be honest the LG V10 is a bit elusive, especially if you are using the terminal with one hand due to its large size, to take full advantage of the dual screens have to use both hands, I have found useful for calls directly from my favorite contacts, go to the camera from the lock screen, but so far I have not much love of the secondary display because of its location.

One of the changes that we find in this new terminal is the fingerprint sensor that LG has added to the back button on and off, works well, but is not the best or fastest on the market, on several occasions I have had use finger to unlock several times, as I say works well but not as well as other terminals in the same category.

When we talk about behavior in the use of applications, I think it’s a point that is others, is one of the most powerful terminals that we will see in the market, Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 six-core processor, Adreno 418 graphics processor, 4GB of memory RAM and 64GB of internal memory expandable via micro SD slot up to 2TB. The computer does not run, fly, is perfect in the use of multitasking can move from application to application quickly and efficiently, working with multiple applications at once without blinking, use of social networks, games of good quality graphics, video stream, sailing all these tasks are performed quickly and smoothly giving the user an incredible experience in the use of applications and thanks to its 5.7-inch screen makes the experience that much better.

The camera really amazing in many ways, speak first application, it is very complete, we will have several ways to work either for photography to video, something new is the ability to work in manual format recording providing ability to modify the balance, contrast, among other things more, something seen in DSLR cameras, also under the recording mode can play with the audio can use the front and rear microphone independently, we have the ability to record video in 4K cinema, slow motion, timelaps and something new is to use three cameras at once, it sounds a bit exaggerated but it’s interesting, when using this option you can also customize how we want the location of the three chambers.

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The sensor is 16 megapixel sensor has the laser for fast autofocus, optical image stabilization and dual LED flash with an aperture F / 1.8, the camera really is amazing, very rich colors, bright images capture even the smallest details, we will not find color saturation are very real, the approach works fine, the shutter is very fast both day and night, very satisfied with the results of the camera during the day.

During the night it’s the same, we will notice that there are presence of lighting, colors are well balanced you can see details without blurring the enlargement, the fund is distinguished in images with great depth, really here talking about a camera that is at the height of the best we found in high-end smartphones.

The recording is the same, really amazing, true compared with the iPhone 6S Plus stabilizer is better in that cell, but do not take credit to LG V10, the results are amazing, very stable and the quality is really very good We have recorded video at 1080p @ 60 FPS and you can see the quality with clear sky, really stable and that we have not used the manual options with which we can work wonders.

The front camera is 5 megapixels and the big difference here is that both have different results, while one has a standard angle the other has an angle of 120 degrees allowing take a selfie where we can include more people, thanks to that also we can use the cameras at the same time, the results as they see are also very good, very clear picture, bright, sharp as can be seen in the pictures that I’ve taken during the day with clear skies and indoors. The wide-angle sensor will allow us to get more background while the standard is a bit more limited, perfect for personal selfie.

Calls and battery, Here we are using our card, calls have been made without problems, have between 4-5 signal lines, the calls have heard me well and I, the V10 features two microphones so which means that when we are in areas with a lot of noise one of the microphones work to eliminate them, the battery is 3000mAh, screen time has been nearly four hours, this brought in daily use has been more than 12 hours a normal use, as I always say the battery life will depend on the use that will give the cell in the day, now one of the advantages we have in this terminal are two, the first one features a fast charger will allow us to charge the battery to 50% in just 40 minutes and also have the capacity to replace the battery, something that other companies have shelved by trying to present a better design.

The LG V10 drives a speaker at the bottom, the sound is crisp and clear, powerful enough to hear the spaces with little noise, now here the best in sound is internally thanks to 32 Bit has HiFi that connect our headphones and listening to music will give us a sound that we hear in other terminals, really spectacular, we hear different instruments one in each ear.

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In short we are talking of an intelligent best cell that is in the high-end market, any number of positive points, design, construction, strength, performance in the use of applications, complete camera, with a lot of functionality, especially for those who know photography and video, great sound when using headphones, now midpoints have battery is good, but overuse out there that we did not all day, but can load quickly and replace it if we want, the fingerprint sensor is good and most efficient part although there are better and finally the secondary display, which so far have not found it so much, sometimes, it is true, if it provides greater speed and functionality but is mostly a screen that is difficult to work with one hand, I think the problem is really in the location. If you were on the side or at the bottom would give greater use.

LG has done a very good job with the LG V10, it is a phone that will give us really an amazing experience in every way.

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