The wait has come to an end, after several months of waiting and rumors already have with us the first device with technology Project Tango from Google. As announced at CES, the manager has been Lenovo to release it, and has done presenting its new PHAB2 Pro under your Lenovo Tech World this afternoon.

This new technology is designed to take advantage of augmented reality mapping in three dimensions around us. It is now embodied in an accompanied by two younger siblings with a similar looking device, but without the incentive of having the technology that Google wants to reinvent navigation.

Lenovo PHAB2 Pro
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Project Tango is already with us

In January 2015 Google announced that Project Tango came out of its incubator, and a few months later launched the first kit for developers. Lenovo then created a special group to work with Google and its Android products, Chrome OS and Project Tango, whose first major product are these PHAB2.

This technology uses mobile cameras to map our surroundings in three dimensions perceiving depth, size and area, and its sensors constantly update the position of the device uniting all this information into a single three -dimensional model. The phone will understand our position offering improved navigation, and Lenovo have shown augmented reality applications for creating worlds and domestic decoration.

The device manager premiere is the new Lenovo PHAB2 Pro , equipped with metal unibody body and a QHD IPS 6.4 – inch screen with 454 ppi density and rounded glass 2.5D. Inside beats a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 adapted to Tango, 4 GB of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage.

Everything will come powered by a 4,050 mAh battery with quick charge x2,4 , and will include sensors G / P / L, E-Compass, Gyroscope, hail and vibration sensor. You have four chambers 8 megapixel a front, a back 16, and two other chambers depth and motion capture also be on the back.

The mobile will include a Dolby Atmos sound technology, and will be the first capable of recording audio in Dolby 5.1. The noise canceling microphone will, and will accompany fingerprint scanner, a mode of use with one hand and Marshmallow Android operating system. Its price starts at $ 499, not bad considering the innovations that will bring.

It have two younger brothers

The device has two younger brothers, the Lenovo PHAB2 and PHAB2 Plus. Both include the same metallic finish unibody and implement the same 6.4 – inch screen, although they will not use Project Tango as his older brother. Both will have 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage and 4050 mAh battery.

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Regarding differentiation features, the Lenovo PHAB2 Plus will MT8783 signed by MediaTek processor, and a front and rear chambers 8 and 13 megapixels. Its dimensions are 88.4 × 173.3 × 5.5 to 9.6 mm, and weighs 218 grams.

And finally we have the Lenovo PHAB2, which will close the range coming equipped with a MT8735 MediaTek processor, cameras of 5 and 13 megapixels, and dimensions of 88.9 × 174.9 × 6 to 9.6 mm with 200 grams of weight. It will include as we said the same finish as his brothers, the same screen as the Plus.

Price and Availability

All three devices will begin to be shipped to stores in late August, and will start to be on sale for the month of September. As for prices, Lenovo PHAB2 and PHAB2 Plus will cost 199 and 299 dollars respectively, while the PHAB2 Pro with Project Tango will start at $ 499.

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