Working for a startup has its risks, but certainly also its rewards. This is the case of the co – founders and early employees of Google, who after joining the company between 1998 and 1999 helped transform Google into the giant it is today.

Very few of those who were part of that initial team are still working for the company today. Those who do have positions of high responsibility, and those who have not converted continue to work in many cases as managers of other large companies. Being at the right time and place (in addition to their individual talent, of course) had its reward.

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Disparate careers

Keep track of those first 21 employees is not at all difficult, because that beginning marked their trajectories after both Google itself and in the other projects that ended up rushing.

Actually there in that group of original employees a bit of everything, from those who have managed to stay in business all these years that something already is significant, especially for non-founders but also those who have tried undertake on their own or who have retired with earnings from that stage and are now engaged as much investment in various types of businesses.

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  • Sergey Brin: As his partner co-founder, Sergey Brin remains at the forefront of the company since 1998 and is currently the CEO of Alphabet.
  • Larry Page: Google co-founder continues to lead the company and is president of Alphabet.
  • Craig Silverstein: Google’s first employee started working at the company in 1998 and remained there until 2012. He left there to join the Khan Academy educational project as “dean of infrastructure”.
  • Heather Cairns: Worked at Google from 1998 to 2005 and was the first director of human resources of the company, hiring the first 200 employees of the company. It is currently a venture capital investor.
  • Ray Sidney: Google worked from January 1999 until March 2003 and left the company 18 months before the takeover bid, which allowed him convertirs millionaire. He owns Big George Ventures, a company dedicated to sustainable housing development.
  • Harry Cheung: The engineer on Google began in January 1999 and left the company in December 2004. He was one responsible ed tracking engine with the Google search engine fed, and is currently an investor in companies such as Caviar or Qwiki.
  • Amit Patel: It was one of those responsible for the slogan “Do not be evil”, and worked at Google since 1999, although it is not known exactly when he left the company. He currently works at Surfire Offices, a company that offers co-working spaces.
  • Urs Hölzle: The current head of the technical infrastructure of Google (oversees the design and installation of servers, networks and data centers) has been working in the company since 1999.
  • Georges Harik: This software engineer was part of the hiring committee original Google engineers, and worked in the company until 2005. He worked in various products and company services (Gmail, Google Talk, Picasa, Adsense) and today is Founder of and venture capital investor.
  • Salar Kamangar: Google has been working on since 1999 and was CEO of YouTube until Susan Wojcicki succeeded him in that post. He is now vice president of YouTube and Video.
  • Omid Kordestani: Google worked for 16 years, from January 1999 to August 2015, and duly joined Twitter as chief executive. Steve Schimmel: signed by Google in 1999 to take charge of business development, and worked there until 2004. He is currently “temporarily retired” but is a venture capitalist in various startups.
  • Rachael Chambers: Netscape left his post to join Google in May 1999, but left the company soon, since in October 2000 left its functions. She is currently director of planning and strategy at Cisco.
  • Chris Skarakis: worked at Google since May 1999 until 2005, and is now the founder of
  • Joan Braddi: started working at the company in 1999 and is still Google, where he is currently vice president of the Product Partnerships division.
  • Susan Wojcicki: Google has been in since April 1999 and continues to work for the company as CEO of YouTube since early 2014.
  • Gerald Aigner: He joined Google in 1999 and abandoned in 2006, and LinkedIn profile says it is a “professional independent internet” that seems to be dedicated to consulting work for companies like Maxeler Technologies.
  • Jim Reese: He was from 1999 to 2005 in the company, and is currently board member of the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical University.
  • Larry Schwimmer: One of the first Google software engineers (responsible for Google Snippets), was in the company from 1999 to (at least) 2005. Schwimmer has no public profile, not what is known project or work is dedicated in present.
  • Kendra DiGirolamo: Joined Google in June 1999 but was soon: in May 2001 left her, and currently works as a business systems analyst in the company Driscoll’s.
  • Marissa Mayer: Google was in from June 1999 until July 2012, at which time he went on to become CEO of Yahoo!, but management does not seem to be giving good results in this mythical Internet company.

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