Many continue to ask whether the virtual reality actually brought everything it promised, but who says that the future could not be here, but in the mixed reality and augmented reality.

Microsoft is the clear advocate of that segment with its HoloLens, a product that has the problem of being too expensive to be wrong with that bet. The solution could be in Zapbox, a project that wants to become the economic version of the HoloLens and is reminiscent concept featured with Google Cardboard virtual reality.

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ZapBox allows you to savor the mixed reality

As in the case of Cardboard, Zapbox is a product that harnesses the power of our smartphones to show that mixed reality about mixing augmented reality with virtual reality.

The mobile application Zapbox is combined with those glasses mixed reality to complete the effect. The rear camera of our device shows us what is in front of us with the help of a lens that enlarges the field of vision, but also the virtual objects appear on those real objects.

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Interaction with the mixed reality is also possible by curious “controls” cardboard that are recognized by the application to grab and use objects like a golf club, a pointer or a brush, to give some examples. The idea of the product is not only to enjoy this type of experiences, but to create them with the tool ZapBox Studio (free for non-commercial use) and then share them.

The price of Zapbox is $ 30, and the pack so glasses as the goal, the controls and a set of ‘pointcodes’ that serve to establish spatial references in the environment in which we operate and include that this So that the objects that appear do it in the proper way. If the financing campaign succeeds these glasses will begin to reach users in April 2017.

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