When we become aware of the existence of Boom thought it was a are those companies seeking media noise because its proposal was make supersonic aircraft with the idea of making the flights are shorter, as happened with Concorde. Only this time the goal was to reach MACH 2.2 speeds, when the Concorde stayed at 2.0.

As the months went by we saw Boom growing and she was joined by the investment of the billionaire Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, who now not only collaborates as an investor, but also with research and development when granting access to the laboratories Of Virgin Galactic. As part of this collaboration, today Branson and Boom have released the first prototype of the supersonic aircraft, which will see flying in late 2017.

Baby Boom
Image Source: Google Image

From New York to London in just 3.5 hours

This aircraft is known as Baby Boom and is a scale prototype of one third of which will be the supersonic airliner, as this small only seats for the pilot and copilot, and where the goal is to first test the technology Before deploying it on a larger aircraft.

XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator is the official name of Baby Boom, who is preparing to start their testing in late 2017, which ensure that a flight between London and New York will be achieved in three and a half hours today when needed in Average seven to complete it.

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The Spaceship Company, Branson, will be the company responsible for supporting the manufacture of aircraft and other operational services, this with the proviso that Virgin purchase the first 10 aircraft Boom.

It is expected that passenger planes ready for 2022, will have a capacity for 44 passengers and for example the round ticket between London and New York will have a price of $ 5000, which is the average price for Business today, so say That people will be willing to pay for a shorter trip instead of one with more luxury.

In addition to the images of Baby Boom, the company showed the first concept images of how the interior of the passenger plane will look.

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